Type Steamship
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 18000
Max Armament 6 x Size 8 Cannon

2 x Size 4 Cannon (Stern) 2 x Size 6 Cannon or Mortar (Bow)

Max Cargo 10, x120 Cannon ball Storage
Speed 6

Speed with Engine: 3

Metal 250
Timber 910
Doubloons 124k
Level 10

Blessed Engine Parts x5

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"The Prometheus's steam engine allows her to quickly move upwind. Press E to toggle steam engine on and off. Requires coal to use engine."-Shipwright Summary

The Prometheus is a level 10 steamship with high health and armament, good cargo, and a low speed buffed with steam engines. She is a good general ship for whatever tasks given to her, but like other level 10 ships she is vulnerable to being flanked by fast enemies such as a Marauder or even a Steamfish, which their small size can avoid some of the shots fired from the Prometheus.


Named after the Titan who created man from clay, stole fire from the gods and granted it to man (appropriate as this is a steamship) and then bound to a rock to have his liver eaten every day until Hercules could save him.

Has a captain's quarters with a Map inside, also found inside the Atlas and Astraeus.

Most People considers this as a waste of material as it doesn't do many tasks well and the considerably low speed of the engines even with the large amount required to build it.

Often referred to by players as a "Prom".


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