Purshovia Federation

Purshovia is a Non Playable Faction in Tradelands. Purshovia first appeared during the Whitecrest and Inyola Conflict. Purshovia came to aid the Kingdom of Whitecrest by gathering their naval Ironclad fleets and taking out the Imperial Inyola Naval Fleet. After that, Purshovia went into quietness again.

The 2 Purshovian ships currently Ingame are: Poseidon and Neptune due to the fact they require an advanced engine. They possibly own Badger and Phoenix although this remains unconfirmed. Badger and Phoenix are Burkelandic design.

In 10/3/2017, Purshovia declared Nova Balreska their own Vassal, and if Nova Balreska refused they would be killed out. Here were the terms:

Nova's requested terms:

First-Hand-Account of a Nova Balreska Navy Officer watching from a nearby windowsill:

The Purshovain/Nova Conflict, 3/11/17:

Nova spots a Purshovian Vessal on the distance.

LittleH4X, Wantingblob, David89091, TacticalCarrot are sent out to talk with them.

The Purshovians come with there clad, a triple barreled turret, as well as their Admiral.

Nova Balreska recieves a letter.

David coulden't get to the event in time, missing the oppretunity to disscuss.

The clad sails through to Perth.

The Letter reads:

Do not fear my brethren. For too long has the northerner scourge been permitted to oppress our people. Our navy was too weak to protect you from the Balreskan invasion of yesteryear, but, due to the lull in the war with Inyola and advances in military technology, we are strong again. I have dispatched ten armed vessels to your region, ready to take action should the Balreskan leadership fail to meet the following demands: The current leader and sea lord must be replaced by a Purshovian. A payment of 10,000 doubloons is to be made to the family of every Purshovian affected by the Balreskan occupation. Anyone who opposes these acts are to be tried and executed.

Now they wait.

All we know now is that Purshovia has triple 42-pound Turrets according to AI's DansbyVithkren.

Government: Federation

Diplomatic Relations

Allies: Nova Balreska

Hostile: Blackwind Pirates, Empire Of Inyola, Burkeland.

Neutral: Hallengard, Kingdom of Whitecrest

Vassals: Nova Balreska

Known Used Ships: Neptune, Poseidon


Governer : Prsho


Purshovia is named after their Governer, Prsho.


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