Purshovia Federation

Purshovia is a Non Playable Faction in Tradelands. Purshovia first appeared during the Whitecrest and Inyola Conflict. Since then, Purshovia have only shown for diplomatic missions.

Two ships in-game are of Purshovian design: the Neptune and the Poseidon.


Purshovia appeared during the Whitecrest and Inyola Conflict. Whitecrest, which had been taken over by Imperial Inyolan forces, was freed from their occupation when the massive Purshovian ironclad fleet engaged and destroyed the Inyolans.

Later, on October 3rd, 2017, Purshovia declared Nova Balreska their vassal, and said that all attempts to counter this move would be crushed. Despite this, Purshovia has not yet intervened in the Whitecrest and Nova Balreska Conflict.


Purshovia is a federation, and as such it can be assumed it has smaller states within it. Prsho is the incumbent chancellor, and no one else has ruled before him.


Purshovian triple long

Purshovia's navy is considered the strongest in Tradelands. It's fleet of pure ironclads, harnessed with advanced weapons like the Triple Long Gun Turret (pictured) make them worthy adversaries. Despite this, Purshovia have rarely used their fleet, most notably during their battle against the Imperial Inyolan Fleet occupying Whitecrest.

Diplomatic Relations

Allies: Nova Balreska (vassal)

Hostile: Blackwind Pirates, Empire Of Inyola, Burkeland.

Neutral: Hallengard, Kingdom of Whitecrest


  • Purshovia is named after its chancellor, Prsho.
  • Purshovia is indisputably the most technologically advanced faction, as their entire fleet consists of ironclads armed with weaponry not owned by the professional navies of the Central Tradelands region.


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