Player versus Player mode, or PvP, is a button where a player can change their PvP to three different fighting modes. This can be a game changer when sailing alone or with a crew. To change out of a PvP mode, click a different mode. When done so a penalty of ten seconds will happen before being able to switch to a new mode.

The Different Modes


  • The first mode is Normal which is enabled on default. If playing on Nova Balreska or Whitecrest, you will not be able to harm each other, but able to harm Blackwind Pirates and Hallengard . Although if you're playing as a pirate, pirates can harm all factions.

PvP All

  • The second mode is PvP All where a player can harm anyone, if another person changes their mode to PvP All as well. Anyone who is playing on Normal will not be harmed unless in a rival faction.

Flag Hidden

  • The third mode is Flag Hidden where a player is not allowed to fight anyone, but anyone can attack and kill you. If you sail in a ship with Flag Hidden, your ship will not display a flag of your faction (and you can't tell the direction of the wind).

Note that when you switch PvP mode, you will temporarily have the effects of Flag Hidden for a few moments.


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