RHYSTHECOOL, Former Economic Advisor of Whitecrest
Vital statistics
Position Economic Advisor
Age N/A
Status Dismissed
Physical attributes
Height 5 Studs
Weight N/A

RHYSTHECOOL, an inactive former Knight of the Kingdom of Whitecrest, was formerly appointed on June 29th, 2015, as the Economic Adviser for the Kingdom of Whitecrest and it's former king, King Kagaros. A few months later it was announced in the Tradelands World Court that all the factions treasuries were to be frozen, meaning that no faction money could be used for anything. Later in October he was retired to a Knight for his work and aid to the Kingdom of Whitecrest.

Since his scheduled resignation, RHYSTHECOOL has rarely been seen around Tradelands, although from time to time checks in to see its development.

After at some point, all the knights of Whitecrest were suddenly demoted to subject upon suspicions that some knights were leaking treasured halberds from the Whitecrest armory. In August 2017, upon realising that he had too been demoted, RHYSTHECOOL contacted the official subreddit[1] and personally messaged the king requesting to be re-knighted. Upon taking heed, and messaging the incumbent king, unfortunately RHYSTHECOOL never received a reply. Realising that his contributions for Whitecrest were no longer appreciated, RHYSTHECOOL officially retired from the world of Tradelands and departed Whitecrest.

RHYSTHECOOL has not been sighted around the Tradelands archipelago since, but it is currently rumoured that he is now an employee of some far-flung foreign security company.

RHYSTHECOOL in July 2015
Economics Adviser for Whitecrest
In Office
29 June 2015 - (?) September 2015
Reigning King Kagaros
Preceded By (?)
Succeeded By Office Abolished

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