Type Longship
Role Pillaging
Hull Strength 8000
Max Armament 2xS3C (Bow)
Max Cargo 8
Speed Depends on rowers
Metal x35 metal
Timber x250 wood
Doubloons 24000
Level 6

"The raider is perfect for an aspiring Hallengard Warrior. Also good for ab workouts. Has no sails. Requires at least two rowers to row effectively."-Shipwright Summary

The Raider is a level 6 ship that requires paddles to move.It can go quite fast if fully crewed with high stamina paddlers, and its light armament and high cargo make it ideal for quick raids or hard to hit trading, but not so great for extended naval battles.


Mostly based off the iconic longships used by the Vikings and Nordics, these types of ships had sails however, rarely had cannons and have iconic rows of shields going along their sides. (Sketched picture below).

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If fully crewed by members with a certain degree of communication, this can potentially be the fastest ship in the game (estimated 10-11 with 6 rowers).

This is the only ship in the game able to have it's entire mast removed, leaving a floating flag above the deck (unless your flag is hidden). It may be useful to destroy the mast at port yourself to make your ship slightly harder to hit.

With at least 3 rowers, this ship can turn faster than any other ship. (and looks really funny when you just let it keep turning at full speed)

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