The Red Mortar is a size 8 Mortar that shoots Soviet Russian effects along with a high speed cannonball out of it. Contrary to its name, the Red Mortar isn't purely red, the Red Mortar is constructed of what appears to be Gold and Blood oak. When fired, the Red Mortar is lowered by one durability. The mortar allows for long range and high splash damage when hit. Sometimes it is able to one hit kill players within it's splash damage. The Red Mortar does the same damage as a regular 48 pounder with only the added bonus of extra splash damage


  • Upon placing the Red Mortar onto a ship, the communist decal will glitch and and fly out far below the cannonball. This can be fixed via respawning the ship whilst the Mortar is still on it.
  • Although it appears to be made out of blood oak and gold, when held in a hand or viewed in the inventory, it appears to be a normal iron and oak mortar.


Red Mortar 2

Red Mortar in inventory

Red Mortar 3

Red Mortar in hand


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