Riot Minnowclad
Stropper123's Minnowclad

Type Upgraded Minnowclad
Role Unique
Hull Strength 9000
Max Armament 1xAS, 1xSwS
Max Cargo 1
Speed S:7
Metal None
Timber None
Doubloons None
Level None
The Riot Minnowclad cannot be crafted, instead you must redeem 3 Minnowclad Vouchers at the Premium Merchant. To gain a Voucher you must trade another player for them.


  • The Riot Minnowclad is almost the same as the Minnowclad. The only differences are blue and white flashing lights, and a barricade on the side that is white that says Police on it. It also includes a radio, that you can play music by putting in music ID's. The radio can only be used by the owner, and only crew can hear the music.
  • These are very rare because few people want to spend 2 more Vounchers for only a few upgrades.