Image of the Shark.

Type Brig
Role Combat
Hull Strength 9000
Max Armament 8 x Size 7 Cannons
Max Cargo 2

Storage for 50 Cannon Balls

Speed 8
Metal 60
Timber 330
Doubloons 30000
Level 6

"The Shark's high speed and heavy firepower make her the ideal ship for hunting down pirates."-Shipwright Summary

The Shark is a lv 6 ship with fair health and stupendous armament for its size. It's tied with many ships for max armament. It has the same armament as the Phoenix, Serpent, its mercantile cousin the Marlin, etc.

Used for its agility, it can outmanuver and kill slow ships.


Named after the well known family of carnivorous fish.

The Shark has the same firepower as the Phoenix and the same speed as the Stiletto.

The Shark has been used by many navies and other miscellaneous crews.

It challenges the Tyrant in supremacy, being cheaper but weaker in hp. They have the exact same armament.

This is a terrible ship for holding raid cargo, having 2 cargo spaces, but the Shark is an amazing combat ship.


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