In the game, players are able to increase their skills and their faction level, which allows them to gain a new Title. When starting the game for the first time, no skills will be seen besides for Faction, Mining, Timber Crafting and Gunnery, when pressing "C" to see your title and skill levels. Skills will start showing up once the player has gained experience from doing it.


Below are the types of skills that can be achieved in Tradelands:

(In no particular order)

  • Faction
  • Mining
  • Timber-Felling
  • Crafting
  • Gunnery
  • Fishing
  • Marksmanship
  • Swordsmanship
  • Brawling

Skills Table

Here is where players may see what each skill may unlock once you level up.

Skill Type How to Get Better Maximum level What the Skill Unlocks
Faction By Trading 10 Ships
Mining By Mining 10 Ability to get rarer resources and resource multiplier, +2% base stamina per level gained (20% maxed)
Crafting By Crafting 10 Ability to craft a better variety of items
Timber-Felling By Chopping Trees 10 Ability to get rarer resources and resource multiplier, +2% base stamina per level gained (20% max)
Fishing By Fishing 10 Ability to get rarer fishes
Swordsmanship By Sword Fighting 10

+20% more base stamina when maxed out

Marksmanship By Firing Ranged Weapons 10 Reloading takes less time (Unconfirmed)
Brawling By Brawling 10 40% more base stamina when maxed out
Gunnery By Firing Cannons 10 Reloading takes less time

Tradelands Adventure Guide
Ships Level 1 - 5 GoldfishMinnowSparrowSwallowLarkHeronKoiStarlingDartPelicanArrowBulletKestrelPheasantFalconMarlin
Ships 6 - 10, OrcaSharkMantaDragonMarauderGooseWidgeonBeaverOtterSerpentFoxStilettoCutlassBadgerPhoenixSteamfishAtlasAstraeusPrometheusPoseidonNeptune
Special Ships Super Steam fishMinnowCladCombat LogTitanGhostship
Tools AxePickaxeTorchSpyglassFishing RodOfficer's SpyglassLantern
Weapons DaggerShort SwordRapierSmallswordStilettoTomahawkSabreBattleaxe
Ranged Weapons Flintlock PistolMusket
Ammunition Round ShotFlintlock Ammunition
Materials Cast IronSteelGunpowderFish OilSteam Engine PartsBlessed Steam Engine Parts
Resources - Wood OakMahoganyElmAshCherryIronwoodEbony Inyolan OakBlood OakGrimewoodAngelwood
Resources - Metals and Ores IronCopperSilverGoldPursteelEmeraldRubyAmethystSapphireSaltCoalElectrosteel
Accessories AbsAbs2Blackwind CapeEngineGhost PalHallengard CapeLantern ManNovaB CapeParrotVerdantine CapeVern CapeWhitecrest Cape
Items Loyalty TokensDoubloonsDyeVibrant DyeDull DyeFeatherstone
Factions Kingdom of WhitecrestNova BalreskaHallengardBlackwind PiratesInyolaPurshovia FederationBurkelandVerner Expedition
Gameplay WindMerchantsTradelands TerminologyFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)CargoShip RepairPvP ModeWarehouseTitleTrade RoutesCommandsElectric StormTradelands Roleplay

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