The Steamfish

Type Steamer
Role Personal Transport
Hull Strength 1200
Max Armament None
Max Cargo 1
Speed W:5 E:5
Metal 250
Timber 500
Doubloons 75000
Level 9

The Steamfish was released to the public October 5, 2015. The Steamfish is a personal ship that works on steam. It does not actually require Blessed Steam Engine parts to create.

The steamfish can also be made at the shipwright for a cost of 250 iron and 500 wood.

Steamfish Variants

The Super Steamfish and Party Steamfish variants are no longer obtainable. The Steamfish though can still be obtained through buying a un-redeemed voucher from a player who still has one.


  • Some consider this boat a waste of materials and useless due to its speed and max cargo capacity.
  • The people that use this boat consider it to being "a good boat for fishing as if it was a improved version of the koi" or simply use it for fun.

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