Type Galleon
Role Interceptor
Hull Strength 11000
Max Armament 4 x Size 8 Cannon

2 x Size 5 Cannon 2 x Size 1 Swivel Gun

Max Cargo 7
Speed 8
Metal 120
Timber 660
Doubloons 56k
Level 9

"The Stiletto's incredible speed makes her perfect for outrunning the enemy while packing a punch."

The Stiletto is a level 9 ship with good armament, speed, maneuverability, okay cargo hold, and health. The only weakness is the ship has few cannons in general, that can be easily sniped off at close range. Losing a cannon can drastically reduce the damage output the Stiletto can produce.

Her sister ship, the Cutlass lacks a pair of size 5 guns and has 1000 less health but makes up for it by having an extra 3 cargo slots whilst maintaining the same speed and high caliber guns.

Can be considered a large Flyboat by some, it's advantage is also it's downfall. It has the highest damage output for a small crew (excluding mortar crews, since they are uncommon) but suffers from being easily disarmed and the fact that the gunners are required to be skilled, unlike the gun-deck ships such as the Shark, which can be fearsome even with unskilled crew.


Some people think that because it has one Lateen sail that it functions like a Lateen ship, this is untrue as it's only for looks.

Named after the long, slender and light Dagger.

Often referred to as a "Stilly".

It's similar to the Cutlass in appearance, the only difference is it exchanges 3 extra cargo room for 2 size 5 cannons in the front.


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