More minerals info

So after being in the Tradelands community, as some of you know, there are extremely rare materials out there that people have in their tools and weapons. An example of this can be the Stalinmium musket or Deathmetal smallsword. The wikia page as little to no information on items like this so I'd like to know if anyone may offer some information invovling these minerals. These minerals are: Deathmetal, Holiconium, Glowsteel, Magmite, Stalinmium, Holywood, and Glowwood. Some of these items may most likely be gotten through rare-means or items that were given for a short amount of time. Glowwood is a section in this but it is said to describe the kinds of wood that glows. MrSheeppy (talk) 19:01, August 21, 2016 (UTC)Sheeppy

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