The Night Horror is a legendary pirate hunting ship, whose purpose was to protect the people of Whitecrest and to give the pirates a hard time.


It is told that The Night Horror is a cursed ship. Brought back by Davy Jones from the depths. After The Night Horror finally got defeated her captain swore that he will hunt down every pirates, dead or alive.

The ship is said to only appear at night, causing destruction where ever she goes, that is why she is called The Night Horror.


The Night Horror look like a white ghost ship (except the glowing at night or during storms) with green seaweed like sails. The figurehead in the front of the ship is holding a torch.


The ship has 8x size 7 cannons each side, 2x size 4 bow cannons and 2 swivel cannons.

The cannoneers are defended by the ship's high defended side openings, she is pretty hard to board.

The Night Horror have almost 360° defense as she has 5 cannons on each side and 2 cannons in the front.


RyanAndersen89 - Is the captain of The Night Horror, he is considered a master swordsman as it is said he can beat 3 pirates alone at the same time with a saber.

maxtermix - Is the right hand of Ryan and the 1st mate on The Night Horror. He is the smartest in the crew as he is the navigator and a excellent strategist.

ADDEBRALLAN - Maxtermix's best friend and partner in crime, is a member of the ordinary crew. He is shown to be an excellent cannoneer.

kallkalkon - Is maxtermix's servant and friend, he is a cabin boy on the ship, he is often used to run errands for the captain and the 1st mate.

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