The Steam Goldfish Challenge was announced on September 29, 2015 on the Tradelands Reddit as an event due to many fans asking for more content from the OTMS group. NearmissTFW announced the Steam Goldfish will be given out if enough people bought the voucher for it. In the beginning the voucher was sold at 500 Robux but was quickly reduced to 300 Robux the next morning. To add more to the event NearmissTFW added goals that can be reached to get certain upgrades on the steamship. The challenge ends October 12th, 2015.

Steam Goldfish Challenge Goals

Bold equals the goal has been achieved.

  • 25 - Steam Goldfish comes built using a new, rare wood.
  • 50 - Steam Goldfish capable of carrying a Size 2 Cannon
  • 100 - Ship comes standard with a Magmite cannon(s)
  • 150 - Cannon Upgraded to Size 4
  • 200 - Ship has swivel mount on rear
  • 250 - Swivel mount upgraded to Size 3 Cannon. Front gun upgraded to Size 6.
  • 300 - Steam Goldfish plays music
  • 350 - Cargo Racks
  • 400 - Gold-Plated Steam Engine
  • 450 Sold - Additional cargo storage.
  • 500 Sold - Player chooses music that plays.
  • 600 Sold - Contest Ends.

Challenge Event Ends

In two days the event was finished due to how fast the vouchers sold out. Also it was announced that regular steam goldfish will be available for the public around after October 5 2015. Here are the creator notes below for the completed challenge..

"CHALLENGE HAS ENDED Since the vouchers sold out, the Steam Goldfish will be made available for everyone to build at the shipyard, however only players with vouchers will be able to get the Super Goldfish that has the following additions:

  • Made of Inyolan Oak
  • Size 6 Magmite bow cannon
  • Size 3 Magmite stern cannon
  • Storage for 4 cargo
  • Gold-Plated Steam Engine
  • Music Player

In addition, a Party Goldfish will also be made available to anyone with 10 vouchers. It will have the following upgrades:

  • Dance floor
  • Disco ball
  • Neon party lights

All Steam Goldfish variants will become available within the next week and redeemable at the shipwright.

Some facts about the event:

  • Reached goal in under 21 hours.
  • 3% of people who bought a voucher own 41% of the vouchers.
  • 11 people have more than 10 vouchers.
  • RelentlessAnarchy purchased the most vouchers (74)." - NearmissTFW


  • The steam goldfish was later renamed Steamfish.


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