The Sword and Star is the very first building, introduced in the May 31, 2016 update. It is a tavern located in the far Northern end of the Nova Balreska wharf. It can be accessed by walking into the door of the building. The interior consists of two floors and an attic (which you may need to walk backwards down the ladder in order to exit). It is also decorated with various tables, chairs, mugs, crates, and a fireplace located on the ground floor. There is also a chess set and a "Royal Game of Ur" set- both of which fully functional. A merchant by the name of Moe Burke sits behind a bar on the left side of the entrance. He may be interacted with to purchase Salt Water for 70 doubloons per piece, Lime Juice (formerly known as Balreskan Brew) for 80 doubloons per piece, and Protein Shakes for 180 doubloons per piece.


  • Within the tavern are various posters from a fellow Tradelands player who was a former Verdantine player.
  • The "Royal Game of Ur" is one of the oldest board games, found in the Royal Tombs of Ur dating back to 2600 BC.
  • if you exploit the new physics you can get into the fireplace by looking down with a weapon or fist selected



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