The Sword and Star is the very first building, introduced in the May 31, 2016 update. It is a tavern located in the far Northern end of the Nova Balreska dock, accessed by walking into the door of the building. The interior is a two story interior, with ladder access to the attic above(which you don't want to enter becuase the way out is too small for the player to fit through without a lot of time spent running into it), decorated with various tables, chairs, mugs, crates, and a fireplace located on the ground floor, there's also a table with a chess set on it that you can actually play chess on if you have a friend with you. A merchant by the name of Moe Burke sits behind a bar on the left side of the entrance, and can be interacted with to purchase a Balreskan Brew for 80 doubloons per piece.


  • Within the tavern are various posters from a fellow Tradelands player who was a former Verdantine player.



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