The War for Hallengard

The war for Hallengard started when the Blackwind Pirates took over Hallengard during a surprise night raid on the fort. During the time, Hallengard was weak after their government and most of their navy defected to pirates, leaving Hallengard to fend for itself. A messenger was sent to the Kingdom of Whitecrest to deliver a message to ask for assistance. Once the message was received by Whitecrest, it was misinterpreted. Though Whitecrest did see this as a message to help out Hallengard.

Nova Balreska - News of Hallengard

After hearing news of their former island being taken over, Nova decided to war against the Blackwind Pirates to return Hallengard to them. For those who don't know, Hallengard was a vassal to Nova Balreska. Hallengard being viking mercenaries, were suppose to keep Isle Hallengard safe for Nova. Though in the end, Hallengard failed in doing so and then Hallengard people tell that they WANT to be pirates' ally.. Due to Hallengard's failure, Nova was determined to get their island back.

Hallengard - Hallengard Takes a Turn

After Hallengard was captured, news were told that Hallengard at first rejected the pirates, but later accepted them once one of the pirate crews came to help Hallengard. It didn't come without it's troubles though. Pirates decided to kick anyone out who didn't want to become allied with the pirates. With that, Hallengard now became allies with the Blackwind Pirates in this war.

Nova Balreska - Troubles with Hallengard

Due to lack of communication between Hallengard and Nova Balreska, the Nova Navy were never notified to send fleets to Hallengard to help protect the island. The Hallengard's in turn told that Nova didn't do enough to check on their island to aid them when in crisis. Now with the Hallengard being allies to the Blackwind Pirates, Nova couldn't do much but only to attack any Hallengards if they were hostile since they wish to continue good relations to them.

Blackwind Pirates - Civil Dispute

A few pirate crews were angered due to one their crews, The Green Phantoms, were helping Hallengard instead of destroying it. Due to this dispute, a few pirate crews such as Misfits and Abs Gang chose not to fight in this war as it did not fit their goals.

Whitecrest - Allies Again, Peace with Pirates

In spite of this war, Chancellor Kagaros decided to call on the Whitecrest Navy to ask once again for aid in this war. Whitecrest was quick to respond in helping Nova again in a war. This time, to gain back Hallengard to Nova Balreska again.

During the War, the Whitecrest Navy, the Misfits of Blackwind, and Abs Gang had a truce explaining that they will not attack each other in this war. Since these two pirate crews were not interested in the war, they had made a great deal with the Whitecrest Navy. Without knowing it, this truce also tied in with the Nova navy during the war.

Blackwind - Back to Being Pirates

Some day it was announced that the Blackwind Pirates will be turning their backs on Hallengard due to rumors of spies saying that Hallengard was planning to back-stab Blackwind after they had received aid from them. The Pirate Council then decided that it was better to attack Hallengard to pay their debts. Due to this, WC have now left the fight since Hallengard is no longer in pirate's control. Though that means all of Blackwind will now be targeting Hallengard. It has been said that it was due to the pirate council voting that if Extremefiretroll had not burned down Hallengard, they would dethrone him.

Blackwind Pirates - Coup

Weeks after ExtremeFireTroll retired. The pirates started coup which the coup are supported by Hallengard Navy and Pirates it self. The Coupers and The Hallengard begin to invade Nova Balreska, luckly Nova Balreska Navy are helped by Whitecrest Navy and Inyolan Mercenary, which the coup completely fails and in the result of retreating.

Nova Balreska Navy - Sneaky Invasion

After the failure of the coup, Kagaros decided to invade Hallengard. the battle begin Nova Balreska Navy's Badger sailing to the West of Hallengard Isle, and finnaly attack Hallengards Navy that defending the Hallengard Isle from Nova Balreska. the battle was ended up with Nova Balreska Navy suffering the failure of Invasion.

Hallengard Navy - Perth Rebellion

After the failure of Nova Balreska's Sneaky Invasion, Hallengard Navy begin to planning on Invasion of Perth. the battle begin with they landing on Perth lands and begin to kill any Nova Balreska Navy defender, the Nova Balreska have hired Pirate Mercenary and successfuly defended the Perth.

Nova Balreska Navy - Night Invasion

The Hallengard Navy begin weakening, Nova Balreska Navy begin planning on Night Invasion. Hallengard Navy begin to hire the Pirate Mercenary, but Kagaros bribed the Pirate Mercenary. the battle begin with Nova Balreska Navy bombard the Hallengard Isle with Mortar, and managed to landing on Hallengard Isle. the Hallengard Navy quickly defending the Hallengard Isle at all cost, but then the Hallengard Navy fails to protect Hallengard Isle from Nova Balreska Navy.

Nova Balreska and Hallengard - End of the War

After the Hallengard Isle have been conquered by Nova Balreska Navy, Kagaros didn't annex the Hallengard which he mentioned that when in still era of Hallengard-Blackwind Pirates Alliance. Kagaros requested to dethroned current Hallengard Freyr FaboGrenouille and replaced with the better Freyr in hope to not let Hallengard Isle falls again. Which his names is GrandmasterHelios.

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