• One day, citizens of Perth decided to stand up to Novs Balreska. With the help of pirate mercenaries, they destroyed the private security owned Atlas defending the island, in the process losing a dart. In the crossfire a Whitecrest Merchant Heron was hit and the ship sunk ten minutes later. ┬áThe Nova Balreskan Garrison was quicly eliminated, with the eception of its Commander and a off-duty Midshipman, who escaped on a koi and paddled to Nova Balreska, where they warned the Nova Balreskan Navy, who sent 3 Atlas's and an and a Maruader to crush the rebellion. They quicly destroyed the Rebel fleet of assorted craft, most of which build for trading not combat and soon destroyed the mercenary warship (a badger) as the four Nova Balreskan Raiders (as in the ship) landed troops on the main island on (the fith landed troops on the second island) the battle overall was short and the Nova Balreskans won, only losing 3 crewman and having two of their ships suffering light damage.

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