• The Republic of Freeport is a fan-fiction faction, and therefore is unrecognized in actual Tradelands events, gameplay, and lore.

    The Republic of Freeport (commonly abbreviated as RoF or ROF) is a nation that controlls the island of Freeport.


    National Flag of the Republic of Freeport.

    == Overview ==
    The Republic of Freeport is a small nation occupying the two islands of Freeport, to the west of Whitecrest.
    It is currently unrecognized by any main faction in Tradelands, although it participates in events among other unrecognized nations and groups. It is Slavic (specifically, Polish, Lithuanian, and Latvian) in heritage and the nation's symbols, uniforms, and government is built to reflect this.

    The capital of the Republic of Freeport is Kharbovislav.



    Government Standard of the Republic of Freeport.


    Chancellor's personal flag of the Republic of Freeport.

    The Republic of Freeport is currently a "Federal Democratic Republic".


    The Republic is currently led by Chancellor Omnisxiii2, Prime Minister LordxSky, and Supervisor HunRene (Rynell). The government also employs diplomats, ministers, and other positions.


    The Republic holds elections for most positions every two months, and for Chancellor and Prime Minister every six months. All citizens who are members of the Roblox group, as well as part of the discord, are allowed to vote. Noncitizens, citizens without discord membership, and members undergoing punishment for a crime are not allowed to vote.


    A typical "Important Announcement". These are usually used to announce important news or for important orders.



    Naval Standard of the Republic of Freeport.

    The Republic of Freeport Navy (formerly called the Admiralty) is a small coastal defense and patrol force tasked with defending the Republic of Freeport.

    All groups under the Naval division are led by a Minister of the Navy, currently ExzenMasterJon34.

    General Navy

    The General Navy division is the active standing navy of the Republic of Freeport. Although originally mired in corruption, the navy has since been purged of corruption.

    Currently the composition of the navy consists of mostly light vessels with small draft suited for coastal defense in shallow waters, as well as a small number of larger naval vessels and two ironclads.


    A crewman of the Republic of Freeport Navy.


    • Crewman
    • Midshipman
    • Officer
    • Commander
    • Admiral
    • Minister of the Navy (also a Minister in the government)

    Enforcement Division


    Enforcement Division Standard of the Republic of Freeport.

    The Enforcement division of the General Navy was created in January of 2017 by Prime Minister LordxSky to help act as moderators. Members of this group are part of the General navy and hold ranks in the General navy, and must be recommended by an Admiral+.

    Merchant Marine

    The Merchant Marine is a loose group of merchants licensed in the Republic of Freeport to join naval operations when requested. They act as a militia group and are only activated by the Minister of the Navy in times of distress, during which members assist naval operations either by crewing naval ships or acting as privateers. During activation, they fly the government standard, but ordinarily they are considered civilians and fly the civilian flag.



    The current value of the RoF is at around 4 million dubs.


    The main currency of the RoF is the internationally recognized "dub".
    It was proposed to introduce a new currency unique to the RoF, but this plan fell through.

    Major exports

    The RoF has a large stake in the bassoon manufacturing industry, holding a tight rivalry with Verdantine Brassworks. In addition, it exports a small amount of potatoes.

    Trading Partners

    The RoF currently only has a special trade agreement with Templetin and Luffalia. However, the RoF trades with all nations, including official ones.

    Diplomatic Relations

    Official Factions

    Kingdom of Whitecrest

    The RoF formerly was anti-Whitecrest, although it did support it during the Inyolan invasion. The main rationale was that Whitecrest had destroyed the Verdantine Sovereignty, the main ally of the RoF.
    Current relations remain somewhat friendly but tense.

    Nova Balreska

    The RoF was formerly enemies with Balreska, due to their original invasion of Verdantium. However, this has turned into a friendship, as a RoF naval advisor, Wilkos, has become Chancellor of Nova Balreska. Currently the RoF seeks a friendship with Nova Balreska.


    The RoF is currently neutral towards the Hallengard.

    Verdantine Sovereignty

    During the time the Verdantine Sovereignty existed, the RoF sought to be allies. The RoF's temporary government offices were located in Verdantium, and Chancellor Omnisxiii2 was a former Verdantine Navy member.

    Inyolan Empire

    The RoF issued a statement stating "all of Tradelands should and must be free to pursue their own goals without outside interference", and declared war on Inyola during the Inyolan-Whitecrest war.
    Relations remain tense.


    The RoF is currently neutral towards Purshovia.


    The RoF is currently neutral towards Burkeland.


    The RoF is currently neutral towards Nearmandy, should it exist.

    Unofficial Factions


    The RoF currently has a trade agreement with Templetin.


    The RoF currently has a trade agreement with Luffalia. However, Luffalia was invaded by the CSSE and contact since then has been highly sporadic. The RoF has considered dropping its recognition of Luffalia.

    Cubikalshivalet Empire

    The RoF was originally in a military alliance with the CSSE. However, its invasion of Luffalia severed relations.

    Privateer Crews of Note

    • Culper Ring - alliance
    • Royal Waywind Navy - alliance



    The origins of the RoF are found in a joke post by PepsiSong, who joked that Freeport was closed to annexation, but not for local nation building. Soon after, he moved to claim Freeport by founding the Dominion of Freeport. Omnisxiii2 followed mere seconds later by founding the Republic of Freeport, and Nearmiss himself joined the joke by appointing a king, "Devon", to lead a Kingdom of Freeport.
    After some small fighting, Freeport was divided into three parts. On the larger, southern island, the Kingdom of Freeport and the Dominion of Freeport split the island in half, creating separate nations, and the Dominion of Freeport renamed itself North Freeport (although its position was closer to "East" than "North", due to a misreading of the map). The RoF claimed the smaller, northern island.
    Originally the RoF was very poor and corruption was high. The nation was led by Chancellor Omnisxiii2, as a dictator.

    Early Years

    Early on, the RoF was the only nation to engage in diplomacy with pirates, allying with certain pirate crews in exchange for bribes. After a small time of activity, the nation grew more dormant. A communist group, the United Commonwealth of Freeport, seized power for some time, but was beaten back days later.

    First Rebirth

    The "First Rebirth" was led by Minister of the Navy Shedeek and HunRene, who together along with a few other naval men, reorganized the nation and the navy. Corruption was reduced and made illegal, and the navy wore official uniforms. Diplomacy with pirates was cut off. An attempt at reforming the government to become more inclusive was made. A constitution was written.

    Recognition movement

    For a short time the RoF was involved in a small deal with Anvil to become an official group. This fell through when it was revealed that Anvil had been tricking them the whole time. Only the pirate king, Denny, was not in the trick.

    Naval Coup

    The "First Rebirth"'s end is usually attributed to the coup attempt by Shedeek as the "Naval Coup of 2016". Shedeek and a small group of other naval members, dissatisfied with Omnisxiii2's rule, increasingly took government matters into their own hands, even though their positions in the navy did not grant them the powers to do so. This reached a boiling point when Shedeek, receiving news that Anvil had tricked them during their attempt to become official, announced that the RoF was shutting down. Viewing this as misuse of power that he did not have, Omnisxiii2 placed Shedeek on suspension and arranged a trial, as written in the constitution. Shedeek accused RoF leadership of mistreatment and left in self-imposed exile to create a pirate group, the Illumination Pirates.

    It is worth noting that the subsequent trial, if held, would have likely only sentenced Shedeek on one charge.


    The Important Announcement declaring Shedeek's suspension and charges. The third charge was quickly dropped, which is why that charge is blacked out.

    Second Rebirth

    After the internal split in the RoF, much of the navy left to join Illumination Pirates. The remaining members of the RoF recruited many new members quickly, creating the "Second Rebirth".

    During this time, the RoF flourished to its present state. The government system was finally set up and the first democratic elections held. New uniforms were issued and a new division of the navy, Enforcement, was created. This suffered a temporary setback when Minister of the Navy Rainbowfire1000 resigned after measures imposed on Midshipman LordxSky to punish him for bullying were not strict enough for his satisfaction. Future Nova Balreska Chancellor Wilkos joined during this time as a foreign naval advisor, and the RoF made deals with WWN and the Culper Ring.

    Election of December 2016

    The Election of December 2016 was an eventful one, with election fraud being discovered (26 votes out of 21 members). The election redo, using new procedures, overturned some corrupt results.

    • Chancellor: Chancellor Omnisxiii2, Rainbowfire1000 (conceeded election when he left the RoF)
    • Prime Minister: CharlietheBest, LordxSky (later appointed Diplomat, then Prime Minister when Charlie left the RoF temporarily)
    • Diplomat: none
    • Minister of the Navy: ExzenMasterJon
    • Minister (4 positions): none
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