Titles can be seen over player's heads in Tradelands to show what level they are of a certain skill. A new title is unlocked by achieving experience points or other achievements to unlock it, such as being a Beta Tester or for each 2 levels in a skill. Each faction also has a unique set of titles by gaining 2 levels in their faction's (Main) skill.

Faction Titles

Levels 0 2 4 6 8 10
Kingdom of Whitecrest Commoner Merchant Sir Lord Count  Duke
Verdantine Sovereignty (Removed) Prole Comrade Senior Comrade Foreman Magnate Aristocrat
Blackwind Pirates Blackwind


Scallywag Swashbuckler Buccaneer Marauder Scourge
Verner Expedition


Cadet Ensign Lieutenant Commander Captain Commodore
Nova Balreska Immigrant Citizen Outstanding Citizen Patriot Magnate Aristrocat
Hallengard Outsider Youngling Wolf Bear Clansman Elder
Mining None Novice Miner Miner Adept Miner Prospector Metal Detector
Crafting None Apprentice Blacksmith Journeyman Blacksmith Master Blacksmith Artisan Engineer
Timber-Felling None Novice Lumberjack Lumberjack Adept Lumberjack Axe Fiend Tree Killer
Gunnery None Plunderer Gunner Marksman Dead-Eye Human Kraken
Fishing None Novice


Fisherman Adept Fisherman Angler Pro Angler
Swordsmanship None Novice Warrior Warrior Adept Warrior Man-At-Arms Master-At-Arms
Marksmanship None Novice


Marksman Sharp


Sniper Pro Sniper
Brawling None Rowdy Brawler Face Smasher Champion Gentleman

Unique Titles

These titles are unique and given to those on rare conditions.

Title's Name Description
Entomologist This title was awarded to everyone who was a Beta Tester.
Exploiter This title is awarded by hitting an enemy 300 studs away with a melee weapon, which seems impossible without an exploit. This is unique, in which the title is not changed but is turned red.
(Naval Group Titles) Titles can be given for 35,000 Doubloons to Crewmen, Midshipmen, Officers, Admirals, and Grand Sea Lords/Minister of Navy.
Governor of Verdantine Given to the Governor of the Verdantine Sovereignty.

(No longer obtainable)

King of Whitecrest Given to the King of Whitecrest.
Pirate King Given to the King of pirates.
Chancellor Given to the Chancellor of Nova Balreska. Currently owned by FlipppyyJr.
Freyr Given to the leader of Hallengard. Currently owned by Andiboy6.
Trade Groups/ Crews Given to trading companies who wish to be official in Tradelands. Titles will vary from group to group.
Combat Logger Given to those who combat log during a battle.
Narhmy Cadet Given at Nahrmas for people who logged in and resetted (thanksgiving day)
Lover Given to those who bought the Cupid's Carronade gamepass for le bote.
Lonely Given out during Valentines 2017 to everyone who logged on
Not So (Former Faction Leaders) Given to a former King, Chancellor, or Freyr of any faction.
Sexy Beast Given to those of us who are the sexiest of all factions.
NSSM Given to those who join the Nahrluminati secret society
Players' Union Given to those elected by Nahr and the Tradelands' Moderators as development advisers.
Bounty Hunter Awarded to players who killed a member of a enemy faction and talked to the bounty hunter, obtained in the "POTC Dead Men Tell No Tales" event.
Treasure Hunter Obtained by doing a series of missions to the Crazy captain afterwards fighting another enemy boat called the kraken, after doing so, the player will be awarded with a kraken boat to build at level 10 and a ROBLOX hat, only obtainable in the "POTC Dead Men Tell No Tales" event
Demolitionist Obtained by being in the top 100 Gunpowder donators during Shady Mike's Cave Opening Event (Ducktales Event)

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