If you know any valuable trade routes for each faction, please put it here.

eg. "Routes for Whitecrest traders: Whitecrest -> Island1 -> Island2 -> Island3 -> Whitecrest"

Nova Balreska (Wind advantage trip)

Route Direction
Nova Balreska traders Nova Balreska -> Whitecrest -> Nova Balreska -> Repeat
Whitecrest Traders Whitecrest(furniture) -> Nova Balreska (lanterns) -> Freeport (silver ware) -> Nova Balreska (musical instruments) -> Whitecrest (furniture) -> repeat
Alt Whitecrest Traders Whitecrest -> Perth -> Freeport -> Whitecrest
Blackwind Traders Blackwind -> Whitecrest -> Nova Balreska -> Blackwind
Fast Whitecrest Traders Whitecrest -> Freeport -> Nova Balreska -> Blackwind Cove -> Whitecrest -> Repeat
Alt Blackwind Traders Nova Balreska -> Perth-> Fenwick-> Whitecrest-> Freeport-> Fenwick-> Perth-> Nova Balreska-> Blackwind-> Repeat
Alt Whitecrest Traders Whitecrest -> Nova Balreska -> Blackwind -> Freeport -> Nova Balreska -> Whitecrest
Nova Balreska Traders Nova Balreska -> Whitecrest -> Blackwind Cove -> Nova Balreska -> Whitecrest -> Blackwind Cove -> Repeat
Whitecrest Traders WC (half capacity) Fenwick (fill up all the way here) Then to Nova (after emptying fill up half capacity again) then Perth (fill up all the way) then to WC again
Alt Blackwind Traders Perth->Fenwick->Cove->Repeat
Hallengard Traders Hallengard - Whitecrest safe route, through Perth and Fenwick. (Furniture). Repeat

Fast Hallengard Traders

Hallengard -> Nova Balreska -> Perth -> Freeport -> Fenwick -> Whitecrest -> Freeport -> Perth -> Nova Balreska    -> Hallengard (Repeat)

Hallengard Traders Hallenguard => Cove => Fenwick => Whitecrest => Freeport => Perth => Nova => Hallenguard

Repeat. [Slightly Dangerous trip to Cove]

(starting with 240db/4cargo; Gross Profit(excluding starting 240db/4 cargo) is 1900db. 500db/per piece of cargo)

(time taken - using 'Bullet' (speed 9) is 25mins)

Slow Whitecrest Traders Whitecrest >>> Perth >>> Fenwick >>> Nova Balreska >>> Fenwick >>> Perth >>> Whitecrest [Income: 500 dubs x Max Cargo]
Alt Blackwind Traders Cove -> Whitecrest -> sail around Fenwick and around Perth on eastern side, do not sell any cargo -> Cove You get more than 1000 with full cargo in Atlas and going all the time with best wind so it is mcuh, much faster way than one described above, but problems may happen if Whitecrestian do not let you trade
Fast Whitecrest Traders Whitecrest > Go around Freeport > Nova (unload/load) > Go around Blackwind > Whitecrest (unload/load) repeat
Alt Nova Balreska Traders Nova Balreska -> Hallengard -> Whitecrest -> Fenwick -> Freeport -> Perth -> Nova Balreska. Uses wind as advantage. if Blackwind is not hostile, insert blackwind between Hallengard and Whitecrest.
Whitecrest Traders - More Profit Whitecrest -> Nova Balreska -> Blackwind -> Whitecrest (Repeat for more profit)

Might be slower when you are at Whitcrest Coming at Blackwind.

  • Might be slow when you are at Blackwind coming at Nova Balreska.
Hallengard Express Traders Hallengard -> Nova Balereska -> Hallengard -> Repeat

Can get about 88 dB each cargo in about 5 minutes IF you are the only one in Hallengard

Nova Balreska Express Traders Nova Balreska->Perth->Reset->Repeat

Can get 90dbs per cargo if ther are 5 pirates

High profit Hallengard Hallengard -> Nova Balereska (musical instruments) -> Blackwind (DO NOT sail in DO NOT unload) -> Whitecrest (furniture) -> Freeport (DO NOT unload) -> Nova Balereska -> Repeat (don't go back to Hallengard)(projected dubs: 600 X cargo space)

Fishing Route

Whitecrest (Furniture) -> Freeport (Fish) -> Hallenguard (Assorted Goods) -> Whitecrest -> Repeat

Nova Balreska (Trade winds) Nova Balreska -> Whitecrest -> Freeport (Fish if you can) ->Nova Balreska


The reason this is good is because on the route from Whitecrest to Freeport, then to Nova Balreska, the wind will always be facing the way you are going, also works if you are starting at Whitecrest.

The Cove Star

Blackwind Cove -> Freeport -> Hallenguard -> Whitecrest -> Nova Balerska -> Blackwind Cove (Repeat)

Rides the tide winds and allows for maximum profit as you sail around the map.

Guys which of these get you the most dbs the fastest? like average dbs per min?

NB express if there are a lot of pirates


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