The Tradelands roleplay plays a important role in how events are played out in the Tradelands World. The roleplay takes place in Tradelands World Court or TWC, where representatives of all the factions and trading company's make peace, set trade agreements, and also the ability to have forts made. The representatives themselves can also do the opposite if a rival faction is doing something unworthy of a deal. Official NPC factions will also play a part in the World Court.

The roleplay aspect of Tradelands are only allowed to representatives to take part in, though subjects in their corresponding factions can aid in their final decision making.

The representatives are often elected Kings/Emperors and advisers, or official trade company owners.

The roleplay aspect is not scripted. All decisions are made by the representatives of their own free will in most cases.

A common quote from the TWC is, "anything that happens in the roleplay, stays in the roleplay." Which means that representatives are only playing their part and not being offensive on purpose. It's only part of the roleplay.


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