This page defines common terminology for Tradelands along with common acronyms.

Naval Terminology

Credit goes to the guys at Tradelands Trello for the ship navel terminology.

Term Definition
Bow (Ship) Front of the vessel
Broadside (ship) One side of a vessel. Can also refer to the firing of multiple side cannons.
Bow chaser A forward facing gun mounted on the Bow.
Stern chaser A rear facing gun mounted on the Stern.
Port (ship) Left side of the vessel.
Starboard (ship) Right side of the vessel.
Stern (ship) Rear of the vessel.
Weld/Lock To stick on the ship by pressing Z or by sitting on a cannon.
Unweld/Unlock To un-stick on the ship by not being welded and unseating from a cannon.
Fleet A group of ships together.
Cannon Fort A fort at a Spawn island with fixed cannons.

General Terminology

Term Definition
Doubloons - DB, DBS The name for money used in Tradelands
Ship (Varies) Can be called a ship for a big ship, or boat for a small ship
Whitecrest - WC Abbreviation for Kingdom of Whitecrest.
Port A island where ships can rest and reload.
Verdantine Sovereignty - Verd, VS Shortcut for Verdantine Sovereignty
Blackwind Pirates - Pirates, BW, BWC Shortcuts for Blackwind, or Blackwind Cove
Verner Expedition - Vern, VE Shortcut for Verner Expedition
Nova Balreska- NB/Nova Shortcut for Nova Balreska
Hallengard - Hal, Vikings, Hallen Shortcut for Hallengard
Pirates Pirates are an enemy faction to all teams known, they will often sink your ship and steal your cargo.
Cargo Cargo are boxed items in barrels or crates that you can sell for doubloons
Roundshot - RS Roundshot.
Per Piece - PP Per Piece.
Ship Kit(s) All the wood and metal required to make a boat sold from player to player.

Gameplay Terminology

Term Definition
Weld/Lock To stick on the ship by pressing Z or by sitting on a cannon
Unweld/Unlock To unstick on the ship by not being welded and unseating from a cannon
Long Gun - LG Long guns are cannons that shoot far but does lower damage than a carronade
Carronade - CAR carronades are cannons that shoot at short range but does higher damage than a long gun
Experience - XP Skill points that can be achieved after doing certain things. i.e. sell cargo, mine rocks, chop trees, etc.
Health Points - HP The amount of health a player or ship has. i.e. an Atlas has 18,000 HP.
Non Playable Characters (NPCs) Characters that are not playable to players.

Tradelands Adventure Guide
Ships Level 1 - 5 GoldfishMinnowSparrowSwallowLarkHeronKoiStarlingDartPelicanArrowBulletKestrelPheasantFalconMarlin
Ships 6 - 10, OrcaSharkMantaDragonMarauderGooseWidgeonBeaverOtterSerpentFoxStilettoCutlassBadgerPhoenixSteamfishAtlasAstraeusPrometheusPoseidonNeptune
Special Ships Super Steam fishMinnowCladCombat LogTitanGhostship
Tools AxePickaxeTorchSpyglassFishing RodOfficer's SpyglassLantern
Weapons DaggerShort SwordRapierSmallswordStilettoTomahawkSabreBattleaxe
Ranged Weapons Flintlock PistolMusket
Ammunition Round ShotFlintlock Ammunition
Materials Cast IronSteelGunpowderFish OilSteam Engine PartsBlessed Steam Engine Parts
Resources - Wood OakMahoganyElmAshCherryIronwoodEbony Inyolan OakBlood OakGrimewoodAngelwood
Resources - Metals and Ores IronCopperSilverGoldPursteelEmeraldRubyAmethystSapphireSaltCoalElectrosteel
Accessories AbsAbs2Blackwind CapeEngineGhost PalHallengard CapeLantern ManNovaB CapeParrotVerdantine CapeVern CapeWhitecrest Cape
Items Loyalty TokensDoubloonsDyeVibrant DyeDull DyeFeatherstone
Factions Kingdom of WhitecrestNova BalreskaHallengardBlackwind PiratesInyolaPurshovia FederationBurkelandVerner Expedition
Gameplay WindMerchantsTradelands TerminologyFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)CargoShip RepairPvP ModeWarehouseTitleTrade RoutesCommandsElectric StormTradelands Roleplay

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