Commonly Used Templates

These are the templates that are commonly seen in the articles created on the Tradelands Wiki. to use them, simply do "{{Info " And it should lead you to the correct template.

  • InfoItem
    • Used for standalone items such as loyalty tokens or accesories.
  • InfoMaterial
    • Use for craftable items and materials such as flintlock ammo, round shots, Steam Engine Part.
  • InfoTools
    • Use for tools, weapons, ranged weapons.


  • Used to finish off the article and promote our other great websites for the Tradelands Community.

Default Pictures

These pictures are used to complete the article, though without the proper image. The images type are suggested below.

  • Dull Dye picture for Salt
  • Super Steamfish Voucher picture to be used for "All future Voucher types"
  • Figurehead Picture for all current Figureheads with no known actual pictures.
  • etc.

Editor's Advice

An article is best fit with facts that can be traced to their original source, intelligent example (aka ie.) Battleaxe crafting can be sourced from the Tradelands game.

Or another ie: Roundshots cost 20 dbs per, since they cost 1,000 dbs for 20 roundshots in the GeneralMerchant. Therefore they cost 20 dbs per each roundshot.

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