Welcomes to the Tradelands Tutorial. This tutorial is to make up for the main one being removed by Anvil Interactive due the tutorial being obsolete to the main game. Here, we hope this tutorial will help players understand the game better and move into the playing the game quickly!

Starting the Adventure

When you start the game you have four choices for factions. Those four factions are

  • Whitecrest, Most Popular Faction, Also the most likely to be blockaded by pirates
  • Nova Balreska, Former Verner
  • Hallengard, Former Verdantine Sovereignty , Viking Themed
  • Blackwind Pirates, Strictly PVP oriented Faction , Not Recommended for beginners

Your Tools and Items

From there you'll notice in your inventory that you will have 1,000 Doubloons, a stone Axe, stone Pickaxe, and a Old Knife when you start the game for the first time only.

  • Doubloons - The currency used to pay for Cargo or buying items off other players.
  • Stone Axe - Used to cut down trees for Oak Exclusively. The tool won't lose durability. Obtainable for free again from the General Merchant.
  • Stone Pickaxe - Used to mine rocks at rock quarries for Iron Exclusively. The tool won't lose durability. Obtainable for free again from the General Merchant.
  • Old Knife - Starting Weapon , Boasts one of the fastest attack speed of all weapons, however it takes 6-7 hit to kill an enemy. It's recommended to craft a Dagger once you have the resources to do so.

Next Tutorial

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