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Tradelands Changelog - 07-4-16 why is it i have power to Change stuff?

Menu / loading screen improvementser than before.

  • The MOTD ( news section ) is now loaded dynamically and, as such, can be changed without an \
  • Will be used for community events in future ( eg zombie event. )
  • Allows for much easier customization ( who is allowed into the event and hi
  • Added a small cannon emplacement on the West shore of the Northern tip of Whitecrest ( directly across from the Fort. )
  • This was requested before treasuries were frozen.
  • Verdantium has split into two separate groups
  • New gems/metals added including ruby, sapphire, and Emetal

Secret thing

  • I'm sure you'll find this quite quickly.
  • Content for this can be changed dynamically ( see above definition ) so it might have a story to it. You'll just have to wait and see!


  • Players can now have more than 1 staff-assigned

The next update will be a content update. I hope.

As always, make sure to submit a bug report if you find any issues with the game.


Again, thanks to SuperBurke1 and his team for doing a excellent job in fixing bugs and glitches that have appeared in Tradelands. Bug fixing is a hard task so when you see them or on your Official Tradeland's group, tell them thanks for all that they've done.

  • A ROBLOX admin by the name of "zeuxcg" have been working on the game to further increase the smooth gameplay of tradelands.

Sources: (Looking for the /r Tradelands source.)

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