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  • LegoI3rickI3uilder

    I need assistance in putting this template, "NavigationBox" into every article on the wikia. All you have to do is put right before the Official Tradelands box. It will look something like the example below. You may use a bot or do it by hand. just make sure it's in every main Tradelands article. 

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  • LegoI3rickI3uilder
    It's been a while but I'm back! I as an admin apologize for the lack of of updates lately of both, what has been going on lately and as in content wise. I've been a bit busy in real life with getting school work done and also being sick the last two weeks. Though here I am! I'll also be explaining what I have done with all the user articles and user ship articles next. 
    The user articles and the user ship articles, or fan-fiction articles I call them, were great to see! Unfortunately I've been getting comments that they were off topic to the actual game, and I agreed with them. Also I would like to say, that I do enjoy fan-fiction, I truly do! Though these articles did drift away from the actual Tradelands game. 
    Instead I have moved all th…
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  • LegoI3rickI3uilder

    Hello Tradelands Community! This month has been fantastic for the Tradelands Wiki! We've reached to 1,700 views per day now from the old 800 views on the wiki! This couldn't have been done without you, the Tradelands community! So my thanks go out to you guys. 

    This month I had plans to update the Faction and User (users who have a significance to the Tradelands lore) articles but that was delayed due to my studies requiring more of my time that usual. Though I will continue to edit the wiki twice or once a week. Also I've been hearing countless requests to update the Price Guide. The Price Guide will be updated, but it will take some time to update. Reasons being listing all the items and changing the doubloons count each time.

    • Faction Arti…

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  • LegoI3rickI3uilder
    • 42T Long Gun
    • Poseidon
    • Advanced Engine
    • Purshovian Federation
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  • LegoI3rickI3uilder

    Hello Tradelands community! The Wiki has grown significantly in the past few months with new articles and members now helping to make the wiki grow. With that comes new updates being planned for the wiki.Also, later this week I plan to promote the wiki on the Tradelands Reddit and spread the word that the Tradelands Wiki is real and hopefully gain more members incoming too.

    • Fish, Cargo, Figureheads Articles
    • ​Tradelands History Articles
    • Promoting the Tradelands Wiki

    ~ Admin LegoI3rickI3uilder

    ~ Tradelands Fanatic

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