Hello Tradelands Community! This month has been fantastic for the Tradelands Wiki! We've reached to 1,700 views per day now from the old 800 views on the wiki! This couldn't have been done without you, the Tradelands community! So my thanks go out to you guys. 

This month I had plans to update the Faction and User (users who have a significance to the Tradelands lore) articles but that was delayed due to my studies requiring more of my time that usual. Though I will continue to edit the wiki twice or once a week. Also I've been hearing countless requests to update the Price Guide. The Price Guide will be updated, but it will take some time to update. Reasons being listing all the items and changing the doubloons count each time.

Updates Planned

  • Faction Articles (Needs uploading)
  • User Articles (Needs uploading)
  • List of Groups (Needs updating)
  • Price Guide
    • New prices and price ranges will be updated
    • New feature - Each item will either have be marked with "Rare" or "High Demand" depending on the rarity of the item,  and  "High Demand" if there's a lot of demands/requests for a certain item.

~ Admnistrator LegoI3rickI3uilder

~Tradelands Fanatic