Hello fellow Tradelands Community! My name is LegoI3rickI3uilder,and I'm the new owner the Tradelands Wiki! To celebrate, I've enabled the Map Feature which allows users to mark the map with pins! The new map is located in the top right of the headears bars so feel feel to mark which faction you're from! If the map looks familar to you, it should be! It's the Tradelands map. Also, during this time I will editing some of the templates and articles to make then up to date and new! 

So to list out the new things that have happened or coming to the wiki:

  • New Map Feature that allows users to put a pin on your faction, so represent your faction!
  • New Trade Forums for Tradeland users to post their trades for buying and selling stuff. A Trade Template will be made later in the future.
  • Refurbished Templates will be seen throughout the wiki within the next week. The new templates will be easier for mobile users to browse and also will display more information about the item or thing!
  • Updated Articles will be happening throughout the next few weeks to keep them up to date with the game and Anvil Interactive.
  • Planned History Articles to tell the new Tradelanders about the stories of how Inyola had taken Whitecrest and also how Purshovia had given Verdantine their freedom. Hopefully this will be ready within a month, so be ready to read it when it happens!

And to close things off, I would like the members of the community to tell me what their favorite thing about Tradelands is. Thank you all for takkng your time to read this!

~ LegoI3rickI3uilder,

Tradelands Wiki Administrator

Tradelands Fanatic

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