It's been a while but I'm back! I as an admin apologize for the lack of of updates lately of both, what has been going on lately and as in content wise. I've been a bit busy in real life with getting school work done and also being sick the last two weeks. Though here I am! I'll also be explaining what I have done with all the user articles and user ship articles next. 
The user articles and the user ship articles, or fan-fiction articles I call them, were great to see! Unfortunately I've been getting comments that they were off topic to the actual game, and I agreed with them. Also I would like to say, that I do enjoy fan-fiction, I truly do! Though these articles did drift away from the actual Tradelands game. 
Instead I have moved all the articles to either your User Pages (the user pages to your account) or the Fan-fiction Forum! Fan-fiction will now be completely in the fan-fiction Forum to keep things organised. So keep on posting those character bios and those awesome ships in the "Fanfiction Forum!!!"
Click here! -> Fanfiction Forum
On actual content wise, here in March I plan to do a bit more behind the scenes updates, like reorganizing articles, templates, categories, etc. Some new templates that I will be working on are the long awaited Character Templete that will show the various quick facts on the character. I will also be making new templates for users to use for fanfiction! Those two templates would be a Character template and a ship template. Hopefully the community will enjoy them!
I will also be planning a update to the wiki's Main page (Our Really Old Main Page), as that is where most of the people come and see what the wiki is all about. Since I will be updating the main page, I'll be open to some new ideas for it. Another update being planned is the navigation bar. Currently the navigation bar has been showing all the basics of Tradelands. Unfortunately, it's too basic for our big wiki. So I'll be updating that in the near future to better fit all the new content on the wiki. 

And with that, that is our March Newsletter!

~ Admin LegoI3rickI3uilder

~ Tradelands Fanatic

The Updates - In Short

  • Fanfiction will be continued in the Fanfiction Forum
  • Behind the scenes updates such as Charater templates, and community templates such as character and ships template. 
  • Categories will be reorganized
  • Price Guide has BEEN UPGRADED
  • Main page will get a face lift.
  • Articles being reorganied
  • Fleets, groups, and crews who are well know will be getting an article made. (Both to promote groups, and to promote people making groups)
  • Fan Art (Photos too!) Contest - In the near future.

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