Hello Tradelands Community! 

Recently we've been seeing lots of activity from users here on the Tradelands Wiki. Recently I've been wondering how to make more users help out the Wiki grow. With that, I decided to open all of the previously locked articles, that was only accesable by Admins, to regular community members that have an account. That means, resources, tools, and items articles are opened to be edit! I've only allowed signed in users to edit them to prevent vandalism. Also, I will not be opening the Ship Articles to the public to edit as they are the main articles of the wiki, and to be honest, they don't need anything new added to them. 

Also, the articles will go back to being protected if there is a large amount of vandalism on them. So beware of this warning.

Though if you want to TL:DR version, All articles are opened to Tradelands members who have an account here, but ship articles will not be opened to the public to edit.

Enjoy your Holidays!!!

~ Admin LegoI3rickI3uilder

~ Tradelands Fanatic

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