Just wanted to know what people wanted to see OTMSs should add to Tradelands. To keep them busy and all. What do you guys think they should add to the game to either make it more fun or make it more interesting? I'll post some current features tha tI've heard around the Tradelands Community. 

Features Tradelands SHOULD Have

  • Day and Night Cycle
  • More In game Events
  • In Game Quest (In development - Not verified)
  • More ships (small of course)
  • Muskets
  • Larger Map of Tradelands with new factions
  • ^make NPC factions, into real factions

Ideas for Bug and Glitches Fixes 

Yes, I'm such a mean person for doing this, but hey deal with it. So, post some ideas that could make Tradelands gameplay smoother. (So hey, lets number them off!!)

Note: I'm asking for ideas to fix the the bugs and glitches and not what needs to be fixed. We have an article for that.

  1. Take the shadows off of ships...
  2. Union the crap out of the buildings and stuff. (Less polygons for the game to load. Less poygons = faster game)

Also note to self, game speed and server speed are different. And that local scripts and server scripts can effect a game speed also.

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