New Tradelands Winter Update!

Due to the winter season approaching us, Tradelands have been hit with a snowstorm!

Expect to see new powdered  snow, sounds, and fog in new Tradelands servers!

Other Updates

  • Trading companies are back! You and your trading company can be official once you pay 100,000 doubloons to GreyAnartica and only GrayAntartica. Two more may join for free, and then new members will pay 25,000 doubloons per entry fee. After that, you will get a trading company tag to go along with your person in Tradelands.
  • Due to the Former Whitcrest King Taborak infiltrating the Verdantine Sovereignty Navy, he has been dethroned by the World Court. Though he may appeal to the subjects to become King again. Admiral hahaboomman1234 is acting as the Temporary King of Whitecrest currently.
  • NearmissTFW has Official told the Tradelands community in response to the no new major updates, that a new Tradelands Universe is in the making and will possibly be released by the near end of December.
  • New Pirate King was announced a week ago. I will post his name here when I find it.
  • Rumors of the water being fixed. You may swim freely now!


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