aka Venku Kurogawa

  • I live in Blackwind
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is Kaizoku
  • I am Male
  • VanguardofLight


    February 8, 2016 by VanguardofLight

    My time as a Pirate is ruined due to the Ironclads. I'm rushing my way to get one, but right now, pirating isn't easy. The only way to defeat an Ironclad is to board. The wind.... Wind is a problem when trying to board, you have to be in the right angle, otherwise, you're too slow, and easy to be shot at. 

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  • VanguardofLight


    January 6, 2016 by VanguardofLight

    Pirating isn't easy. First, you need a ship, with either good speed, or good cannons. If you have both, great. I'm using a Serpent, right now. My crew is usually Redbeard Pirates, but sometimes I let other people get on. Trying to grab cargo from ships that we sink, sometimes is jumping into hell. I can't hide the fact that sometimes, you fall into the water sometimes and drown.

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