Verd Officer Flag

Verdantine Naval Flag

The Verdantine Sovereignty was one of the three main factions in Tradelands that had an official navy of its own. The Verdantine Navy was also the official navy of Verdantine. The last head of the navy was Governor TexanActual, the Governor of Verdantine that saw the faction's demise. The operation of the navy was also largely overseen by the Admirals and the Grand Sea Lord.

Verdantine Navy

Background information of verdantine navy and it's fleets.

  • The Federal Assembly
  • The Iron Armada

Former Verdantine Fleets/Crews

  • Emerald Fleet
  • Sea Rose Fleet
  • Sea Maiden Fleet
  • The Saviour Angel
  • The Ember Celica
  • The Ark Royal
  • The Emerald Valkyrie
  • The Emerald Victory
  • The Silver Lotus
  • The Golden Lion
  • The Tusk Fleet

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