The Wheel or Steering Wheel is the main part of the ship needed to steer it. More professionally known as the "Helm". Wheels do not have a special "power" of some sort, and is only used as a cosmetic.
Wheel Bought with:
Standard Wheel Free
Sturdy Wheel Loyalty and Premium Tokens
Banded Wheel Loyalty And Premium Tokens
Gilded Wheel Premium Tokens
Heavy Wheel Premium Tokens

-Standard Wheel: Has no rarity, for it can be found on any ship that is new.

-Sturdy Wheel: Looks like the Standard Wheel, but with less spokes and handles.

-Banded Wheel: Wheel with silver inner rings.

-Gilded Wheel: Wheel with gold outer and inner rings.

-Heavy Wheel: A double wheel with 8 stokes and handles. It also has a silver ring on each wheel.

NOTE: When engaged in ship to ship combat, your wheel can be blasted off to disable ship steering similar to how a cannon can be shot to disable it from being fired.


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