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The Kingdom of Whitecrest are one's of the first people founded in Central Tradelands before even the days of Nova Balreska and Hallengard. It's the oldest nation to still stand, even being in countless wars over the years. Due to the population consisting of new merchants in early days, Whitecrest was formerly known as the newcomer nation.

Whitecrest also views itself as the peacekeeper nation. When nations stirs troubles between themselves, Whitecrest would be neutral unless provoked. It also made them a great candidate for alliances over the years.

The first Whitecrest King, King Holyswine, has been infamous for angering Inyola when during an exchange, the Inyolan Emperor at the time was shot at. It then later lead to the Whitecrest and Inyolan War, when the Whitecrest navy rebellion has enough of the occupation by Inyola.

Later in the years though, former King hahaboomman1234, had made plenty of diplomatic exchanges with Inyola. In doing so, Hahaboomman1234, gained the favor of the old nation they once were enemies of and became close allies diplomacy wise.

Hahaboomman1234 also once has the favor of a Blackwind pirate crew. The crew would eventually come to the aid of WC by the mere word of the former king.

On August 13th, 2018, Nova Balreska declared war on Whitecrest. This was responded by an invasion of Nova Balreska. Currently, the Whitecrest Navy is blockading Nova Balreska.


The Island of Whitecrest is a crescent shape which gives Whitecrest a great advantage against those who wish to raid its ports. The island houses many buildings surrounding the vast greenery spaces giving the place an open feel. There are also two dense rock quarries that allows miners to mine ores from. On the eastern side is the merchant ports where products and goods are sold and bought. On the southern side lies the ship docks.

WC island

The island of Whitecrest.

Local Buildings

The fort is located near the northwestern tip of the crescent island. The fort boasts three or four levels of guns, giving it the best fort defense in game. On the top of the base, it has a mortar to add long range defense. located to the side of the fort is a convenient dock which is not often used by citizens, but more by the navy. Inside the fort is a new jail where international criminals within Central Tradelands or those kept for trials are often kept in, patrolled by Whitecrest navy personnel. within the jail are Whitecrest navy's stock hold for supplies such as cannons, halberds, ammunition, etc.

One of the small batteries located near south end of Whitecrest ports near the warehouse and merchants, provides two to four guns in case any pirate ships were to escape their main fort guns. The other battery is located near the northeastern crescent of the island, containing five long guns. This one is barely used due to it being so far away from the main area.

The local pizzeria is a common hangout for the people of Whitecrest. It's located near the eastern part of the island. It doesn't give consumables unlike the tavern in Nova Balreska.


Being the longest running nation, Whitecrest navy esteems itself as being the strongest nation in Central Tradelands. As the beginning for most new naval recruits, it teaches new naval members to become the best. Whitecrest also has the largest navy compared to other nations, crewmens wear sailor uniforms which did not appear until the mid 1800's which would fit in with the ironclads. Their Navy Weapon is the halberd

During times of conflict, Whitecrest nowadays avoid conflict and would rather keep to being neutral unless provoked.

The navy at during the visit by Purshovian Federation naval fleet, were fascinated by their ships. Unlike the usual wooden ships, the Purshovian's has clads in their fleet. The Whitecrest navy eventually later added clads, or their proper names, Poseidon and Neptunes, as a staple into their naval fleets. Though after several years, unable to copy the design of the Purshovian clads, the ship grew weaker, but not after they learned how to make their ship turrets turn quicker.

In the early days of Whitecrest, the navy had fleets boasting many loyal people. Though the issue was they were loyal to the fleets and their admirals. So when the admirals were tired of their king at the time, they decided to break off and seek refuge in Blackwind. Becoming one of the known pirates crews of the day. In doing so, it took a good chunk of naval power away from the Whitecrest naval fleet. That is why fleets are bared from current day.

Local Government

The local hierarchy is made up of high officials in the nation. The King, the Minister of the Navy and the Admirals. Diplomats have no current use in the government as the case of most nations in Central Tradelands. Being a monarchy, the next King is chosen by either the king, or of the high officials.

Due to being favored by a few factions, the nation even won the favor of Inyola due to the former diplomatic king, hahaboomman1234.

Currently lead by King hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh33333, Whitecrest had lead a peaceful nation so far. Though not invoking war, the king was aggressive in return with reparations for those factions who chose to cause wars.

Diplomatic Relations

Government: Monarchy

Allies: Inyola

Enemies: Blackwind Nova Balreska

Neutral: Burkeland, Purshovia, Hallengard


King: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh33333

Prince: SentientDakimakura

Minister of the Navy: Epicdogman10

Admirals: Jagerfoox

Diplomat: dogdan17, CaptainPikman64

Current and Former Kings

Kings and Minister of the Navy Time of Reign


Time data completed by Whitecrest Trello
Holyswine May - June 2015 Beta First king of Whitecrest. Once angered Inyola when one of his men accidentally fired on the Inyolan Emperor. Focused on trading guilds and contracts. In the end he left Whitecrest due to how much damage was done.
Notom June 2015 Beta Short lived like this bio.
Kagaros June - October 2015 Former King Kagaros was caught in a war against Inyola while political tensions where high with Inyola due to the previous kings. After few good months of reign, he was forced to step down by Inyola during their takeover, and replaced with a viceroy fitting to Whitecrest.
Taborak October to December 2015 Taborak was formerly the Viceroy to Whitecrest but later became the King after winning the war against Inyola. Also lead to the events of the "Naval Restrictions," the "Rebellion Attack on Inyola Fort" causing the burning of the old Inyolan refuling Fort on perth, and the "Crestfallen Conflict." Taborak was also the lead in improving the navy's strength during the Whitecrest and Inyolan War.
Avortolani December 2015 - Fall 2016
Hahabooman1234 2016 - 2017 Former King Hahabooman1234 diplomacy was favored by Inyola's past Warlord, Warlord Piao. (?) Due to being kind to Inyola even after many conflicts ago. Whitecrest has been on good terms with Inyola since. Though due to this, the inyolans disfavor the Northern menace, aka Hallengard.
Epicdogman 2017 Tried to ally with Hallengard and war against Nova Balreska.
99504man 2017 imagine a trainwreck then attach that to a plane accident and throw that into an oil slick
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh33333 2017 - Present Currently leading Whitecrest through a war with Nova Balreska.


  • The Kingdom of Whitecrest used to have many type of advisers. The type of advisers were Diplomat, Treasury, Military. The rank is now reduced to just Diplomat.
  • Knights are the highest honor for former naval officers+ and diplomatic members of Whitecrest who decided to retire.
  • Usually the nation in which traders are targeted by pirates.
  • Normally the nation where most players are members due to it's old age.
  • Avortolani's and Hahaboomman1234's Era were considered the "Golden age of whitecrest" by many veteran/old players.
  • The Whitecrest Navy is known for Spamming Clads.

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