Whitecrest has been freed from Inyola due to the rebellion and with help from the purshovian ironclad fleet

Whitecrest used to be a colony of Inyola following a surrender from Kagaros, Current King's Advisor of Whitecrest.

Whitecrest's diplomatic relations with the other factions in the game can be summarized as follows.

Verdantine Sovereignty: While players in the Kingdom of Whitecrest and Verdantine Sovereignty cannot attack each other, relations are far from perfect. A recent application for reparations was heard by the world court over an alleged attack of a Whitecrest merchant vessel by a Verdantine flagship. Multiple other incidents have degraded the relationship. However, diplomacy has been improving slowly.

Blackwind Pirates: Whitecrest and Blackwind Pirates are engaged in a continual war. Nuff said.

Burkeland: Superburke1 (King of Burkeland) has been continually wary of Whitecrest. Currently his main ally is the Verdantine Sovereignty. Superburke1 recently rejected an offer of two doubloons for peace. Efforts are currently being made by Kagaros to improve relations between Burkeland and Whitecrest.

Inyola: Whitecrest is currently annexed by Inyola following an ultimatum issued from Inyola. Kagros personally announced the surrender. The Island of Whitecrest now flies an Inyolan flag on top of the Whitecrest flag. Fenwick is now entirely owned by Inyola.

Inyola is rumored to have taken some of the cannons from Whitecrest's fort.

Hallengard: Currently neutral

September 30, 2015 - Crestfallen

It was announced through eye witness reports,video by the creator, that the Whitecrest Rebellion was shot down by Inyola's Imperial Fleet, killing nearly everyone at the fort and then continued to fire at the Whitecrest houses, burning everything. Moments later, an ironclad fleet with an unknown flag prepared to fire Inyola from the left of Whitecrest, destroying the Inyola Imperial Fleets. It is assumed that Purshovia saved Whitecrest, but it has not been verified. Both Whitecrest and Inyola lost many men to this war.


May 27th, The Verner vs Verd War.

It was through the murder of Frauns was the war even decided to begin, Whitecrest warned the Verdantine Navy to not attack. The Verdantine Navy had Declined. O day later, Whitecrest joined in the war promising not to hurt Civilians of the Verdantine Sovereignty.