Royal Navy Flag

One of the Royal Navy Flags

The Kingdom of Whitecrest is one of the three main factions in Tradelands that has an official navy of its own. The current head of the navy is 99504man, the King of Whitecrest. The operation of the navy is also largely overseen by the Admirals and the Minister of the Navy.

Navy Background

The Whitecrest Navy is split into one operational fleet (Royal Whitecrest Navy) and the Naval Academy. In the beginning of Tradelands, the Whitecrest Navy once had operational naval fleets. Though due to one uneventful event, fleets were discharged and merged into one because crewmen were being loyal to their fleets and not to the King of Whitecrest.

The Naval Academy was created by Avortolani, the Fifth King of Whitecrest, and the Admirals as a new way to train new navy crewmen into the navy.

Former Fleets

Before when there were Whitecrest Naval Fleets, there were fleets ran by Former Admiral RobertSaysHello. Due to an uneventful event, Former Admiral RobertSaysHello and his crewmen then joined to create the Prussian Fleet, which is now a pirate fleet. The admiral and those who followed were then discharged from the Whitecrest Navy. Due to this event, the Whitecrest Navy no longer operate naval fleets.

General Navy Information

  • Navy Crewmen cap at 20% of the Whitecrest population.
  • 5 Officers per Admiral
  • 1 Admiral per 50 crewmen

Task Force Enterprise

Former Task Force Enterprise Information

  • Admiral RamseyVK1. Vessel: Astraeus (Flagship)
  • Officer Blandcake. Vessel:?
  • Officer gust99: Vessel: Astraeus
  • Officer hawk902. Vessel: Falcon
  • Officer killer1710 Vessel: Astraeus
  • Officer Toolbelt. Vessel: Manta

Sail Colors

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Red


Former Rose Fleet Information

  • Admiral RobertSaysHello. Vessel: Astraeus/Stiletto (Flagship)
  • Officer zachzachk1999. Vessel: Astraeus
  • Officer Shadowsinper. Vessel: Stiletto
  • Officer RyanMcGarrison. Vessel: Bullet
  • Officer GeneralAdamsJr Vessel:?
  • KarlRexDrakonauv Vessel:?

Sail Colors

  1. Bright Red
  2. Really Black
  3. White


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