This is a historical archive of Whitecrest and Burkeland Conflict. The insert below is quoted from the Tradelands Reddit1:

"Since many people don't understand exactly why there is a problem between Whitecrest and Burkeland, here it is:
On June 17, the Burkeland flagship "Atlas" was anchored near Verdantium after completing a tour of the isles. During the tour the Atlas was escorted by a Verdantine Navy ship. A Whitecrest Navy ship took over when the Atlas entered Whitecrest waters. The Whitecrest ship followed the Atlas as it returned to Verdantium. All three ships involved in the tour were soon anchored near each other where the conflict would occur.
While the Atlas was anchored at Verdantium, an unknown individual suspected to be a pirate boarded the Verdantine navy ship without permission and fired a cannon at the Atlas. The Atlas returned fired immediately and began sailing away from Verdantium. Without warning, a Whitecrest Navy officer whose name has not yet been released boarded the Atlas without permission and began attacking her captain. The officer was killed and the Atlas escaped the Isles with moderate damage. An investigation was launched. Verdantium was eager to help the World Court and they were soon acquitted of charges under the condition that they would punish the individual responsible. Whitecrest was not as helpful.
Soon after, King Burke of Burkeland demanded 100,000 doubloons in reparations from Whitecrest. Despite having plenty of money to spare, King Notom has refused to meet Burke's demands and Ambassador Glovoc decried the claims of Burkeland and the World Court, saying that it was, in fact, a Whitecrest merchant, not a navy officer, that attack the Atlas, and that Whitecrest is also not responsible for the actions of its citizens while outside Whitecrest territory.
King Burke has since given Whitecrest a deadline to pay the reparations, while the East Robloxia Company has vowed to impose sanctions against Whitecrest if they do not pay Burkeland, potentially lowering income from trade for Whitecrest merchants.
Ambassador Glovoc replies to King Burke's ultimatum, saying, "due to the [Inyolan] attack on Whitecrest shore we are not able to handle reparations toward Burkeland. However we do send our condolences to the Burkeland lives lost in Verdantine Harbor."
UPDATE: King Notom paid 200,000 doubloons each to Verdantium and Burkeland."
== Source == 1 The burkeland conflict


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