This is a historical archive of Whitecrest and Inyola Conflict. The insert below is quoted from the Tradelands Reddit1:

- Currently being worked on.

The Beginning

Inyola Fleet Aprroaches

  • "It appears that the Inyolan fleet is less than three days away from Whitecrest!

Friday (Thursday for members of the Anvil Interactive group) I will make a minigame available to play. Stats will be recorded from the minigame to decide the outcome of the rebellion. I'm not sure yet what the winning conditions will be, but it obviously won't be easy.

Also, I need to hear from the leaders of Verdantium over which side they want to take. Either they can be with Whitecrest and their scores in the game be counted for the rebels or against Whitecrest and their scores be counted against Whitecrest."

"Favorable winds allowed the Inyolan fleet to arrive much faster than expected! They'll be here any minute!"
The assassination of a Whitecrest citizen(CrocodileBrody10) at Fenwick angers Whitecrest. The Inyolan Fort at Fenwick is like a direct threat of war to Whitecrest and its navy.


The New Viceroy

"Kagaros being dethroned was the doing of Inyola. He will be replaced by an Inyolan viceroy. The viceroy will be a player that you vote for (not Eric), but after they are elected they will become a member of the Inyola faction and represent Inyola. But don't worry. Kagaros will have his chance to return if/when a rebellion happens. (I'm still ironing out the details of how the rebellion will be fought but I have some epic ideas.) You'll need a strong leader to defeat the Empire of Inyola.
Verdantium will also have an opportunity to choose a side in the rebellion. They can choose to fight alongside Whitecrest, against Whitecrest, or remain neutral."

The Emperor Declares

  • "Dear Loyal Subjects,

It is hereby declared that all tributary states, including Meadowfleet, Balresk, Terranfort, and Whitecrest, as well as all minor colonies in the South Great Sea, shall have their navies limited to no more than 100 men. In addition, military ships shall carry no more than 6 cannon apiece. Violation of this order will result in the confiscation of the violating ship.
-His Gloriousness, The Great Emperor Piao"

  • "Are you ignorant? Can you not read? Reducing your navy was not a joke. You will pay dearly for failing to do so. An Imperial fleet is already on the way.

-Emperor Piao"


"A rebel attempt to seize the coal reserves at the Inyolan fort took an unexpected turn when the Inyolan defenders set fire to the fort and fled towards Verdantium. Thirsting for revenge, a rebel Otter was able to sink two Serpents before they had a chance to flee. Miraculously, no rebel lives were lost."



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