Image of the Widgeon

Type Fluyt
Role Combat
Hull Strength 13000
Max Armament 8 X Size 6 Cannon

2 x Size 4 Cannon (Bow)

1 x Small Boat

Max Cargo 9

Storage for 60 Cannon Balls

Speed 6
Metal 85
Timber 450
Doubloons 34000
Level 7

"The Widgeon is a modification of the Goose designed to pack a bigger punch."-Shipwright Summary

The Widgeon is, like the Goose, a level 7 ship with high health. It trades its stern chaser for two bow chasers and losing some cargo capacity for a more ergonomic cannon layout, but keeps the low speed and sitting duck quality.

Although it's considered a combat ship, its unpopular and referred to as a pseudo combat ship, like the Marlin, probably due to its slow turn speed or vulnerability as it is massive. Opinions to this ship are generally negative.


Named after the small waterfowl commonly referred to as a dabbling duck.

Most people think the Widgeon is a huge waste of materials; the Widgeon is almost useless in every way, even as a combat ship.


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