There are many types of woods that can be found in Tradelands. The most common type of wood that can be found is oak. It's known for a fact that a higher Timber Level will give the player a better chance of getting more wood and also a better chance of rarer woods.

Wood Description

Wood can affect the name of the tool or weapon. Depend on what type of wood is used, the tool or weapon will be given a name as shown below:

  • Oak - None
  • Mahogany - Fine
  • Elm - Glorious
  • Ash - Old
  • Cherry - Magnificent
  • Ironwood - Strong
  • Ebony - Mysterious
  • Inyolan Oak - Imperial
  • Blood Oak - Cursed
  • Grimewood - Grimey
  • Angelwood - Angelic


The type of wood does not effect the durability of a weapon, tool, or ship. This excludes Angelwood however, as it's required to obtain electrosteel.


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