"Blackwind is not allowed interviews, I want to get pirate groups to be revived."


Current Picture of the Pirate King, Zoulvengance


Zoulvengance was a former king of the Blackwind Pirates, and thought by many to be the worst. Despite countless pirates asking him to resign, including his fellow peers and even his own group leader, Zoulvengance stood his ground and refused to step down as Pirate King. He has yet to prove himself as a worthy player.


I joined the Whitecrest Navy last summer in august. I was then demoted, and 1 month later I joined the Prussian fleet, which was a bad idea because the group was inactive. Later on I saw a post on the Tradelands reddit page which was propaganda for a new elitist pirate group, "Le Phantom Pirates", led by darksnuggles. I was lucky enough to get in. Later, Veltexus, the ab gang leader and one of the most respected players in Tradelands history, was banned, So Valkian was chosen and at first was inactive. So Valkian made it clear yesterday (Feb 7 2016) that he is officially resigning. When Valkian resigned and made a reddit post explaining his resignation, I commented "gib me the damn title already!" and instantly became Pirate King.

Enemies: Unknown

Pirate king from Feb 7 2016 - Feb 14th 2016

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